About Zsa'nee 

Zsa’nee is a unique multicultural Colorado based photographer with a loud, crazy, and energetic style that refuses to accept rules set by people.  With a love and passion for photographing women of all ages, sizes, colors, and backgrounds.  She prides herself on helping women appreciate their natural beauty.

Meet Owner/ Boss Lady

Zsa'nee Gaines

Zsa’nee is a proud wife, mother, mentor, instructor, speaker and business entrepreneur.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Visual Communications and Digital Design. 

Her work has been featured in Hair magazines, Photography magazines, as well as various online marketing websites.  She has been featured individually for a national Canon commercial campaign.  She also photographs commercially for accounts such as Pioneer Landscaping, Home Depot, Jack Daniels, BET, Roci Diaz, K. Michelle, and VH-1 to name a few. 

Meet Business Manager

LaChaunda Cook

LaChaunda brings over 15 years of exceptional corporate business management experience to ZSA’NEE Photography. As the Business Manager, LaChaunda leads the teams coordinating all studio assignments. She oversees the Planning, Scheduling, and Billing departments, working directly with clients to manage expectations to ensure the highest quality outcomes.

LaChaunda’s dedicated to bringing her years of Fortune 100 Management skills to help facilitate the overall satisfaction of our valued customers, and equally dedicated to helping grow ZSA’NEE Photography into one of the most prestigious leaders in the industry!

Zsa’nee’s initial goal was to inspire her 2 Daughters Kymora and Jaxson (whom her business is named after) to be anything they desired to be but this grew into a passion to encourage, build up and empower all women of all ages. 

She strives for every woman to look at their images and fall back in love with themselves. 

There is nothing greater than a individual who recognizes and values their gifts and talents given by GOD.

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