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What is Shade
Portrait Photography?

Pick a color that you vibe with, a color that energizes your inner well being.  Pick a SHADE! And let’s create a vibrant and moody photo shoot that speaks to your various inner emotions and thoughts.  

I can’t express enough how much fun this session really is.  Imagine yourself in an all red dress, matched with all red shoes, all red jewelry all while being photographed on an all red backdrop. The music of your choice is playing in the background. You and I are vibing with various poses that match your body and style.  Now look in the mirror and see how your skin is being illuminated and it pops from the red. I say STUNNING!!

This session is definitely not meant for the average person. This is a creative, stylish and unique session.  

We offer: Blue, Red, Brown, Black, Grey, Signature White 

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