"SERVICES" when you need it, where you need it. MEETING your training & data analytical needs.

Mobile Computer Training

Over 20 years in the business and a Degree in Computer Information Systems,

I really love helping others improve their skills with learning computer skills. My passion and target market are non-profits because many times the skill levels can be anywhere from very beginning to advance. With data analytics I really love manipulating the data to get the results that employers need to make the necessary decisions for their business or department.

  • Trained administrative assistants in various organizations
  • Computer training teacher.
  • I worked for a government agency for data analytics, spreadsheets and database software.
  • Skilled in SQL and VBA programming and data/reporting analytics.
  • Hosted large group virtual computer training.

I’m a trainer that pays attention to detail, reliable, and trustworthy.

It’s important to have integrity in everything. Not only do I want to have integrity in my business but in all that I do.

                                                                Jireh Mobile Computer Training


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