Make Your Memories Last Forever With High School Senior Portraits

Stand straight, tilt your face to the right, smile more, open your eyes, make them wide open. 

Yells the photographer!

Isn’t it challenging to enjoy the best moments of your life when someone is yelling instructions from the other side of the camera in an expressionless tone? Fortunately, we’re going to change that! Woooowooooo!!

No matter how the world changes from generation to generation, fad to fad, we are continuously growing and evolving, nothing can take the place of photography.  Even years later, photos can have the power to bring a smile to your face and make your heart warm.   However, if you aren’t satisfied with the images, it will show in your expression. The memory will become tainted, and that’s what we don’t want you to experience.

High school is such an integral part of our lives. It marks the end of an era. Some may feel miserable during this period but bidding it farewell always leaves you feeling bittersweet. Trust me; you will miss those years, and this is where your Senior portraits will create memories to last forever, maybe even the ones you don’t want to remember.

You need the type of senior portraits that truly capture the essence of those years. Everything, the tears, the joy, the lessons, friends, and foes, holds a special memory. This should all be a part of your high school senior portraits. All of the memories, the craziness should come rushing back when you look at your portraits years down the road.

This is where I excel. I will be instructing you on how to pose during the photography session, but I do it differently. My goal is not only to give you a high-quality, well-photographed portrait but also to ensure that you genuinely enjoy the experience.

Anyone can click the run-of-the-mill standard posing photographs. However, the real fun is to be outgoing, crazy and not hold back during those special moments and let your personality reflect in your portraits. This is what I aim for, and I make no compromises on details.

All you need to do is focus on enjoying the moment and looking forward to the end of your high school year.

From clothing suggestions to picking out potential locations, from posing instructions to picking out the pictures at the sales session, I will be by your side through it all. Of course, you will have the final say, but I will ensure that you get the much-needed guidance all the way!

So, do you want your high school senior portrait to be unique?   If so, send us an email and let’s get it!

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