New Brand // Say My Name, Say My Name

Kymora Jaxson, the 2 loves of my life, my girls whom I adore beyond understanding.

Kymora, my strong minded and independent 16-year-old and Jaxson my 12-year-old unconditional loving sweetheart, both have hearts of gold.  I built this business with them on my heart daily for 12 years.

SO NOW, I started a new journey March 2021 with an amazing team, a family that I can call my own and honestly know that my back is covered.  During this journey, I’ve had to grow and get out of my comfort zone and learn to look at life and business differently.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  1. Learn to master a task and don’t 1/2 ass it
  2. Get rid of BS all around me
  3. Appreciate my own self worth
  4. Structure and organize a new flow of business
  5. Create a whole new client/business experience and environment
  6. Realize I can’t do it all by myself
  7. Let go of trying to please everyone
  8. Realize my Career is a real Career, and it takes care of my family and lifestyle
  9. Don’t worry about what people think
  10. Recognize those that are truly in your corner

If you know me, you know I’m a person who loves hard and for real.  I see value in everyone. With the changing of my business name, I had to learn to embrace me, be real with me, push me, and be real with my future and just go for it.  I had to fall in love with me “Zsa’nee” again!

Next Phase “ZSA’NEE”.  LET’S GO BABY!!!!

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