WOMEN In Industry Forum
WOMEN In Industry Forum

It was such an honor to be amongst so many AMAZING WOMEN that are making life happen for themselves. It’s one thing to have a dream but it’s another to actually do something about it.

Cherry Creek School District held their 1st Annual “Women In Industry” Forum. I am so honored to have been on the panel. It was an opportunity to pour into the next generation of young ladies. A chance to encourage them and be the cheerleader they need.

Can you imagine if you had someone to tell you it’s ok to pursue that passion that is inside you? It’s ok to not be like everyone else? It’s ok to not be traditional?

I will say it a million times over. We are all created with specific gifts and talents that will make a way for us in this life. Let’s honor the next generation by supporting them and not having another lost generation of unhappy individuals going through life miserable. Let’s live the life we were created to live and enjoy the journey it has to offer.

Thank you Cherry Creek Innovation Campus and Cherry Creek School District for taking the initiative to change how we build up our kids and pour into them.

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