Beauty Runs Skin Deep- MANIFEST a fruitful heart! Don't let age change you! Change the way you age! and Age gracefully!

Beauty Runs Skin Deep

I have been in The beauty industry for 13 years.

I love engaging with women, enhancing their God giving beauty with makeup, encouraging them to embrace their own beautiful uniqueness. We tend to be tough on ourselves and don’t always see ourselves the way others see us. Now that can go either way (LOL) The goal is to have a fruitful heart and the beauty of your fruitful spirit permeates and enhances your outer beauty.

I’m also an advocate and volunteer community educator for the Alzheimer’s Association raising awareness of a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise and the connection to brain health. Also Member of the Aurora branch of the NAACP and work on the health and wellness committee.

My ultimate goal is to have a business designed to encourage and empower women to embrace their beautiful uniqueness with confidence. To learn how to enhance the beauty they were born with whatever that looks like, however never compare themselves to others but work on being the best version of themselves.

 I have learned to embrace the unique beauty in maturity and aim to age gracefully. Through a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise you can change the way you age rather than age changing you.

Being boss lady gives you fleabite as well as the ability to control financial growth.


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